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Doctor of Beauty

Grace Maxwell

Our former fairy tale romance transformed into a bitter rivalry. Once upon a time, he was my Prince Charming, but now I’ve become his enemy. In this high-stakes battle, love, trust, and the power of second chances will collide, paving the way for an extraordinary and life-altering journey.


Mixed Up with a Marine

Kait Nolan

Can a Marine turned baker and a jaded contractor find their way to a second chance? As troubled exes Brax and Mia are forced into proximity on a renovation, truths come to light, and they get a second chance. But when past secrets become present danger, Brax puts everything on the line to protect the woman who’s always held his heart.


The Way We Forgive

R F Whong

Can a pastor’s wife learn to forgive?
80 favorable reviews since its release in 12/2022. From a recent Amazon review: “What a great book. So many things that were mentioned hit me in my heart…”
A story about forgiveness you will never forget.