Lily's Sister

Lily's Sister
Karen J. Hasley

One woman desperate to defend the small Kansas town she loves. Her sister just as eager to leave for the big city and willing to risk everything to get away. Two dangerous, determined men each propelled by his own secret purpose. A final timeless confrontation between might and right, between good and evil. Lily’s Sister - in the classic tradition of “High Noon” and “The Magnificent Seven.”


About the Author

Karen J. Hasley grew up in America's heartland. College research into 17th-century female poets showed her the rich treasures in women's lives of the past and inspired her first novel, which hit the stands in 2006. The rest is - quite literally - history. Do you recognize these American women? Jane Addams. Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Dr. Alice Hamilton. Dr. Kate W. Barrett. Donaldina Cameron. Gertrude Stein. Mary Cassatt. You'll find them all - and then some - in Karen's Laramie Series, which intertwines the lives of fictional heroines and historical real-life women so closely and convincingly that you may need to check a history book to figure out which is which. Beginning with the classic “Lily’s Sister,” the 6-book Laramie Series spans the years between 1880 and 1919 with solid stories from America's past, each with a competent, courageous woman at its center. The books can stand independently and be enjoyed in any order. One newspaper reviewer said that "Hasley's impeccable writing" offered a "satisfying read from beginning to end." Meet some remarkable women. Read some unforgettable stories. All in historical settings.

Karen J Hasley