The Will

The Will
The Will
Benjamin Laskin

With two years to reinvent himself, slacker Josh McCain embarks upon a grueling and often hilarious regimen of self-discipline. Skeptics mock him, saboteurs plague him, and his own dubious past jinxes him, but Josh is determined to prove that who he was is not as important as who he can become. An upbeat story of goofs, grit, and love. Over 800 rave reviews!


About the Author

Benjamin writes fun, genre-bending novels that inspire, uplift, and entertain. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, he has traveled widely and spent large chunks of his adult life in Japan and Israel. He can now be found sauntering through the maze of narrow, stony alleyways in the ancient and legend-rich town of Safed, in Israel’s upper Galilee.

If you like original, life-affirming stories with characters who stay with you long after you’ve put down the book, please give one of his novels a try.

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