Murder Casebook Volume 1

Murder Casebook Volume 1
Prash Ganendran

Engagingly told by researcher and former fraud investigator Prash Ganendran, these 12 disturbing true crime cases draw you into the worlds of the killers and victims. Vivid and objective, this book boldly conveys the horror of murder, while sensitively depicting the people whose lives were cut short by shocking twists of fate.


About the Author

British writer and investigative researcher Prash Ganendran grew up watching old time detectives like Charlie Chan and Inspector Hornleigh solving quirky cases, and he has been captivated by true crime ever since he stumbled across a book on real life serial killer Jack the Ripper in his local library. Even now, he still enjoys a good Tintin comic and spends many happy hours watching film noir, and listening to radio shows from yesteryear such as Suspense! He began his working life as a Fraud Investigator before training to become a Cisco Network Engineer, which took him to some of the most notorious high security prisons in the UK, including the one housing "Suffolk Strangler" Steve Wright. In 2020, he decided to hang up his IT hat and pursue his creative interests, starting with researching, writing, and producing Prash's Murder Map, a true crime podcast examining solved and unsolved cases around the world. He then took a break from the show to write non fiction books such as Jack the Ripper: Straight for the Jugular, I Just Wanted to Kill, and the Murder Casebook series. He also co-authored cosy Victorian whodunnit "The Porcelain Cat: A Detective Amarnath Mystery" with his wife, who also writes. Prash particularly likes to tell the stories of both the victim and the killer, taking an objective approach to try to understand some of humanity's darkest moments. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting historic sites, photography, connecting with nature, and planning the perfect murder...

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