Action & Adventure

Driving Unclaimed Cargo

Rick Mammoth

The US loses a nuclear bomb in Eastern Europe and employees a non-governmental employee to bring it back. Nothing goes according to plan, and mischief and hilarity ensues. Follow along on this action-adventure comedy as Cid works against the current to bring this nuclear bomb back to its rightful owner.


The Deadlands

Minerva Hart

Thirty years ago, a monstrous plague swept across the globe. Whoever catches it becomes a splicer, a terrifying half-animal, half-human creature determined to infect as many new hosts as possible. While forced to its knees, humanity has eked out a living in this new world. But some people simply won't forget the Old World. They'll do anything to bring it back... even kidnap innocents.


Facing the Storm

David DeLee

Book 1 in the pulse-pounding Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure series. Don’t miss any of David DeLee’s explosive Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventures: Facing The Storm • The Oceanic Princess • Strike Of The Stingray • The Yakuza Gambit • Siege At Tiamat Bluff • Crimson Storm


The Ace's Bounty

Jason B. Baker

After fighting guerillas and bushwhackers in Missouri during the Civil War, brothers Elijah and Moses Barber return home to a life of poverty. A dark cloud hangs over their service. Their parents are dead; their farm is a failure, and townspeople and the kin of those they served with give them a mixed reception. An opportunity soon comes to make a living...and seek justice.