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Unvanquished: How Confederate Women Survived the Civil War

Pippa Pralen

Eyewitness accounts of survival from Confederate women during the Civil War from over 50 diaries. Wives of plantation owners and slave women tell their tales of survival. They outwitted plundering Yankees and fed starving children. Catapulted out of cozy worlds of privilege, they showed a strong will and determination to live another day. (Amazon Best Seller)


Terminal Cancer Is a Misdiagnosis

Danny Carroll

After the untimely death of his 19 year old son, a German medical doctor who specialized in cancer research, could not help believing there was a casual link between his sons death and his own cancer diagnosis. After over 39 years of research that involved over 50,000 cancer patients, he concluded cancer is a "survival" program designed to help, not hurt us.



Anna K. Abbi

While writing Chrysalis, my mind would, of course, return to the hospital room where I regained my life and freedom. As I strived to explain the experience, I noticed how it had changed me and set me on a better path to the rest of my life. This unusual experience, though difficult, improved how I react, and accept many good and not so wonderful things to come.