The Final Heir

Jon Monson

The story begins when the villain wins. After decades of war, the Usurper now rules the world with an iron fist. Yet one mage has been given the power to overthrow the tyrant. Will he be up to the task?


Flame of Requiem: The Complete Trilogy

Daniel Arenson

In a cruel desert, slaves toil in chains. Their masters, seraphim with haloes and swan wings, drive them mercilessly with flaming whips. But long ago, these wretched, beaten people were not slaves. Long ago, they could become dragons. Now they fight to fly again. This bundle includes all three novels in Flame of Requiem, an epic fantasy trilogy about memory, freedom, and dragonfire.


A Flower Amidst the Flames

Brett Shaffer

With her kingdom on the verge of collapse, an impulsive princess joins an all-female assassin group, learning a variety of deadly skills; but when she falls into the arms of a charming but untrustworthy thief, she must learn to accept her identity before an evil force gets ahold of an object that could uncover a deadly secret within her own palace.



A.L. Hawke

Queen Harmonia leads her Amazon women to war against man. Conquest takes her and her daughter, Nefertiti, far enough south to even threaten the Pharaoh of Egypt. But as world conquest lies within her grasp, only by sacrifice to gods she loathes can there be any hope for peace.


Beginning Of Arrogance

Bryan Kole

Paladins, often viewed as troublemakers, disrupt power balances in their zealous pursuit of their gods' causes. When Krell is chosen by the capricious god ReckNor, the wealthy and powerful become fearful. Krell, an uneducated nobody with a strong will, faces a looming threat from the depths of the sea, poised to bring bloodshed.


Tesser: A Dragon Among Us

Chris Philbrook

He isn't quite sure how he got buried beneath the city of Boston, but when Tesser, the ancient dragon of life awakens there, he has a whole lot to learn about this world teeming with humans, and their technology. Learning while polymorphed into a human, he soon discovers that evil forces at play, draining the world of it's magic.