Key 13: And Other Stories

Rose Titus

Here in this book you will find tales of vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, space aliens, demons and angels. These stories answer questions such as where do we go after we die? What is the future of this planet? And what is the future of humanity? There are also stories of young runaways, troubled families, love gone horribly wrong, selfish billionaires... There may even be a murder or two!


The Dreamer's Canvas

Caleb R. Marsh

Embark on a mind-bending journey where Lovecraftian horror intertwines with urban fantasy. Can Charlie paint a new reality, or will he succumb to the madness that lurks within his soul?


Dread Darkness (Short Horror Tales #19)

Ian Thompson

A brutal assault leaves young hiker Gemma left for dead, deep underground....

Badly injured, she tries to escape her terrifying, pitch-black prison. Crawling & searching saps her stamina. Pain, hunger & thirst weaken her further. Dead ends & despair erode her sanity...

Worse still, Gemma isn’t alone: a huge, shrieking carnivore is hunting her.


Shivers Down My Spine

Kenni Silas

Can You See Me? The Standish Family mansion stands steeped in a history of terrifying events that ensnare anyone who dares to associate with it. Beyond The Ashes A city finds itself slowly consumed by an invasion of suckers, leeching the life and vitality from its thriving populace. Stretched Reality Zoe recently found herself alone in the apartment she once shared with her best friend.


The Copper Man

Debra Castaneda

Haunted tunnels. Unexplained deaths. Eerie sightings. Decades after The Copper Man killed her brother, Leah Shaw makes a reluctant return to the remote mining town of Tribulation Gulch and discovers a lethal mystery awaits. The serial killer is long dead. Or is he?


The Haunting of Sky Hollow

Antoinette McCormick

Prepare for a haunting gothic horror that will keep you up at night!

Inheriting Sky Hollow feels like a dream for Nadia & Aidan, until their late uncle's sculpture opens a deadly portal, unleashing a vengeful entity. As terror intensifies and buried secrets surface, they must conquer the entity if they want to survive.