Mystery & Thriller

The Deadly Deal

J. Lee

David Centrelli is a hardworking business development executive at a pharmaceutical company in Richmond when a knock on the door reveals that his best friend’s death two weeks earlier was no accident, and his buddy has a message for him from the grave. As skeptical as he is, clues keep coming, and soon his own home is engulfed in flames.


Never Be Safe

Ray Backley

Catherine Brewer is happy and settled with all she ever wanted: a loving husband, two cute little children, and a pleasant house. She also has a dangerous secret - and a life about to be torn apart by her own history.

Vincent Lemont has just been freed from a long stretch in prison. He’s bitter, single-minded, and way smarter than anyone gives him credit for. He also has a score to settle.


Cult Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 10)

Dennis Carstens

The sixties aren’t just a bad memory in the tenth riveting installment of Dennis Carstens’ Marc Kadella legal thriller mystery series. Bucked up by global warming, socialist politics, and hormones, a group of college students model activism-run-amok when the urge to “do good” turns to corruption, armed robbery, embezzlement, and murder.


Murder On The Brazos

Bruce Hammack

Newman County was clean and safe when Fen Maguire left office as sheriff nine months ago. But the dead drug dealer floating down the river says things may be changing.

When he discovers a stash of drugs and a coded notebook, Fen launches his own investigation into the murder. Can he uncover the layers of corruption in his beloved county? Or will this be one time justice doesn’t prevail?



Jeff Kerr

Miranda Flores is terrified. Behind her, a murderous government agent. Up ahead, a perilous landscape in which every person she meets is a potential threat. Where do you go when no place is safe? Refuge, a heart-pounding thriller set in a not-so-distant future, hurtles like a runaway train toward a tense conclusion that will leave its readers breathless.