J E Nice

Erica Murray comes from a family of witches, growing up speaking to spirits, but it’s a career in marketing that she’s after.
When she’s turned down for promotion yet again, she realises it’s time to embrace who she really is. While she's figuring out what this is, her best friend Jess gets a phone call. A new father is hearing strange things over the baby monitor. Surely it can't be a ghost...


Terra Nova

Marlena Guzowski

When Evangeline is diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder in her senior year in high school, her health suddenly becomes interesting to the authorities. What her family doesn’t realize is that Evangeline’s blood, while deteriorating her health, is also a powerful weapon and a doorway to a place she shouldn’t go to. Now, Evangeline has to survive in a world where vampires are the new humans.


Fire Born

Ken Warner

First in a series: After the murders of her werewolf fiancé and her mentor, witch Jenna B. Good retires from the Department of Preternatural Affairs to run a shop selling magical artifacts. But when an assassin arrives in search of her apprentice, she returns to the fray to save Maya from a powerful vampire organization.


Demon Hunter Academy

Traci Lovelot

He pushed me back against the table. When his hands went for the button in my jeans, I groaned with need. His low voice at the shell of my ear made me wild with desire. "I think someone needs a birthday spanking." Meet the three men who will help her reclaim her power at the Demon Hunter Academy!