Project Trinity, Official U.S. Government Report

Project Trinity, Official U.S. Government Report
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Project Trinity, Official U.S. Government Report by Unknown







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Project Trinity, Official U.S. Government Report
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e towns of Nogal, Roswell, Socorro, and Fort Sumner, New Mexico. An evacuation detachment consisting of 144 to 160 enlisted men and officers was established in case protective measures or evacuation of civilians living offsite became necessary. At least 94 of these personnel were from the Provisional Detachment Number 1, Company "B," of the 9812th Technical Service Unit, Army Corps of Engineers. Military police cleared the test area and recorded the locations of all personnel before the detonation.

A radiological monitor was assigned to each of the three shelters, which were located to the north, west, and south of ground zero. Soon after the detonation, the monitors surveyed the area immediately around the shelters and then proceeded out the access road to its intersection with the main road, Broadway. Personnel not essential to postshot activities were transferred from the west and south shelters to the Base Camp, about 16 kilometers southwest of ground zero. Personnel at the north shelter were evacu

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Known at the time by only a very few high ranking individuals in the U.S. government, Project Trinity might possibly have made profound and long-lasting changes to western civilization had adequate funding been allocated by Congress.

Project Trinity hoped to develop an invisible car..and in fact DID develop a functional and invisible four-seater car. But just as production on the 'Clearesta XT5' invisible automobile had begun, Congress voted to cut off all further funding and moved on to fund the Space Program.

Just imagine what our busy highways and freeways would look like today, if only the 'Clearesta XT5' had been mass produced!