The Yellow Spider

The Yellow Spider


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The Yellow Spider by John Charles Beecham







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The Yellow Spider


(2 Reviews)

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t want to take chances," Brady declared. His stubborn jaw asserted plainly that he would take them if he felt so disposed. "But I don't see why we'd be in any particular danger at Bulungan. There's a garrison there. To-morrow's their fair day and it looks to me as though they'd be precious careful not to do anything to frighten the traders away. We've taken this trip particularly to see the famous fair. I believe the captain's a little premature with his warning."

John Bright made no reply. He was too good a judge of men not to recognize the futility of argument. Grace's glance at her fianci held a little flicker of amusement, for she remembered his almost obstinate refusal when she first suggested the trip to Bulungan. The trader, who was squinting from beneath lowered lids, felt it incumbent upon him to say a few words.

"Mr. Brady," he began sharply, "you know your business. I'm not going to interfere. I generally make it a point not to interfere. Jim Poggs's business is all I can tend to, Jim

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(1920) Adventure (Malay Pirates) / Pulp (Jungle Fighting) / Romance)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

The Yellow Spider is a Chinese warlord who leads a band of Malaysian pirates.
A government agent (Peter Gross) put an end to most such activity, but with the hate of colonial subjugation, nationalism in Borneo is rising.
It is rumored that the Yellow Spider has returned and his favorite activity is to take foreign hostages for ransom.
This is exactly what happens to a a group of foreigners on a yacht trip.
Peter Gross, saves one woman from captivity and sets plans to save the others and rid the coast of the pirates.
Koyala is a native princes that loves Peter and aids him, even though she feels that he has fallen for the other woman.
Peter, the captives, Koyala and the future of Borneo are in the hands of The Yellow Spider.

Sadly, this book, although it looks actually quite good, is just impossible to read, at least in its current format. It's clearly been scanned with no attention paid to any sort of proofreading, and it's simply unreadable. Great shame.