The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn

The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn


(2 Reviews)
The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn by Harry Collingwood





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The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn


(2 Reviews)

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m> them, and to fight the harder the more formidable appear the difficulties. And the doctrine is sound; I had and have proved it to be so, over and over again, and I meant again to put it to the test, then, in the most discouraging combination of adverse circumstances with which I had ever been confronted.

But the water was bitterly cold; if I remained submerged to my armpits, as I then was, I could not survive long enough to get a fair chance. I needed a raft of some sort buoyant enough to support me practically dry; and, remembering that there were numerous loose articles such as deck- chairs, gratings, and what not that would probably float off the wreck when she sank, I turned and swam back towards the spot where the Saturn had gone down, hoping that I might be fortunate enough to find something that would afford me the support I required. And as I struck out afresh I was cheered and encouraged by the assurance that day was not far distant, for, looking ahead, I saw that the sky low down

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(1922) Adventure (Survival) / Nautical (Ship Wreck) / Thriller (Treasure hunt)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

Eric is rescued from his lifeboat, as the sole survivor, after his sailing ship is sunk by a one-in-a-million hit by a meteor.
The ship that saves him has had it's own trouble. The captain and navigator are dead. Eric is taken on-board as a navigator.
The ship was on a cruse to find hidden treasure. Eric is promised a share of the treasure, but all does not look well and some of the crew do not look trustworthy.
This ship is also wrecked in a storm, as they approach the island on which they hoped to find the treasure. Eric and a young boy, the captains son, appear to be the only survivors. The island is one of a group and seems to support animal and plant life.
The treasure is found. The two get on well with the natives and help them battle vicious beasts. Eric and the boy plan their return home after constructing a small boat from the ruins of the former ship..
There are many adventures with unusual beast and two of the crew reappear later and become Eric's nemesis.
Life on the island has been good, but sometimes perilous. There is much to write in the log about 'The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn'.

Collingwood is known for his 'Young Reader' books, but this story
stays a level above that classification.

Eric Blackburn is an officer/navigator on a British Cruise Ship with hundreds of passengers and crew on board. The ship sinks during a storm at sea and Eric is the sole survivor. This is an exciting story about his resourcefulness and incredible courage as he encounters and successfully deals with many life-threatening events at sea and on the island he finds and inhabits. Recommended for adult and young readers.