The Chestermarke Instinct

The Chestermarke Instinct


(3 Reviews)
The Chestermarke Instinct by J. S. Fletcher







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The Chestermarke Instinct


(3 Reviews)
John Horbury, manager of Chestermarke's bank, in the old-world English village of Scarnham, vanishes overnight. The task of finding him taxes the skill of one of Scotland Yard's best men. A rather well written detective story.

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workshop assistants awaiting the arrival of a belated foreman.

"Better come inside the house, Shirley," he said. "Patten, you go to the post-office and get the letters."

"No good without the bag," answered Patten, a calm youth of seventeen. "Tried that once before. Don't you know!--they've one key--we've another."

"Well, come inside, then," commanded Neale. "It doesn't look well to hang about those steps."

"Might just as well go away," muttered Shirley, stepping into the hall. "If Horbury's got to come back by train from wherever he's gone to, he can't get here till the 10.45, and then he's got to walk up. Might as well go home for an hour."

"The partners'll be here before an hour's over," said Neale. "One of them's always here by ten."

Shirley, a somewhat grumpy-countenanced young man, made no answer. He began to pace the hall with looks of eminent dissatisfaction. But he had only taken a turn or two when a quietly appointed one-horse coupé brougham came up to

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An enjoyable crime novel which, unfortunately, collapses at the ending with a rushed and contrived story line.
This yarn rips along quite well - indeed for much of it, it is quite unputdownable. A novel with murder and mystery; missing funds and jewels; old acquaintances and blossoming romance; big city and small country policing; and all placed within a context of small country sleuthing, rumour, and supposition. A good novel and well worth the read.
Differs from other mysteries by the same author in that no orphan finds its parents and the bank manager only apparently fled with the money. On the other hand, the novel is as well-written, satisfying but also as simple-minded as the others.