The Black Bag

The Black Bag


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The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance





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The Black Bag


(1 Review)
A rapidly-moving narrative of the detective-story type, in which a rascally diamond smuggler is out-witted by a young Californian and the girl who was to have been the thief's victim."A stirring and sprightly tale."--Brooklyn Eagle."An exciting story of rapid adventure."--New York Sun.

Book Excerpt

such Romance, thrice refined of dross, as only he knows who has wooed his Art with passion passing the love of woman.

Far away, above the acres of huddled roofs and chimney-pots, the storm-mists thinned, lifting transiently; through them, gray, fairy-like, the towers of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament bulked monstrous and unreal, fading when again the fugitive dun vapors closed down upon the city.

Nearer at hand the Shade of Care nudged Kirkwood's elbow, whispering subtly. Romance was indeed dead; the world was cold and cruel.

The gloom deepened.

In the cant of modern metaphysics, the moment was psychological.

There came a rapping at the door.

Kirkwood removed the pipe from between his teeth long enough to say "Come in!" pleasantly.

The knob was turned, the door opened. Kirkwood, turning on one heel, beheld hesitant upon the threshold a diminutive figure in the livery of the Pless pages.

"Mr. Kirkwood?"

Kirkwood nodded.

"Gentleman to see you, sir."

Kirkwood nodded ag

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(1908) Mystery (Theft/Conspiracy) / Thriller (Pursuit) / Pulp

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A father makes a request of Philip under unusual circumstances., to see his daughter Dorthy home.
It appears to be a pleasant task, since the girl is lovely.
All is not well and a confusing, and even dangerous undertaking begins.
Perhaps the most mysterious aspect is the Black Gladstone bag that seems to be at the center of things.
Can Philip save the contents of the bag, the girl, his reputation and even his life?
Is all the effort worth the contents of: The Black Bag?

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