The Intrusion of Jimmy

The Intrusion of Jimmy


(2 Reviews)
The Intrusion of Jimmy by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse







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The Intrusion of Jimmy


(2 Reviews)
The action begins with playboy bachelor Jimmy Pitt in New York; having fallen in love on a transatlantic liner, he befriends a small-time burglar and breaks into a police captain's house as a result of a bet. The cast of characters head to England, and from there on it's a typically Wodehousian romantic farce, set at the stately Dreever Castle, overflowing with imposters, detectives, crooks, scheming lovers and conniving aunts. -- Wikipedia

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July night had come from the theater. Most of those present had been acting, but a certain number had been to the opening performance of the latest better-than-Raffles play. There had been something of a boom that season in dramas whose heroes appealed to the public more pleasantly across the footlights than they might have done in real life. In the play that had opened to-night, Arthur Mifflin, an exemplary young man off the stage, had been warmly applauded for a series of actions which, performed anywhere except in the theater, would certainly have debarred him from remaining a member of the Strollers' or any other club. In faultless evening dress, with a debonair smile on his face, he had broken open a safe, stolen bonds and jewelry to a large amount, and escaped without a blush of shame via the window. He had foiled a detective through four acts, and held up a band of pursuers with a revolver. A large audience had intimated complete approval throughout.

"It's a hit all right," said somebody throug

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Although Wodehouse is best known for his short stories of the butler Jeeves, I enjoy his romances such as this book so much more. I think once you read it, you’ll be hooked and reading his others. If already a Wodehouse fan, be sure to look at these authors who share the same general writing style and romance: Jeffery Farnol, Opie Read, and George Barr McCutcheon.
Who on this planet could possibly not love Wodehouse! He is simply perfect--never puts a foot wrong. This book is no exception, I loved every moment of it.

This is not one of his over-the-top Jeeves/Wooster-type lunatic adventures, which I sometimes find almost too much for long periods of reading--Gussy Finknottle and the newts occasionally overwhelm me.

It is a more restrained nutsiness--much easier to take over the long haul. The characters are more believable. I would find myself in "I can't wait" mode during the day (I only have time to read at night).

There are other Wodehouse books here on Manybooks in this same vein--Jill the Reckless and The Girl on the Boat to name two.

They are definitely worth your time. He is nothing less than a Master. Enjoy!