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Candle Sutton
Candle Sutton writes suspense novels from a Christian worldview. While her primary goal is to entertain, Biblical themes are woven throughout in a non-preachy fashion. She firmly believes that fiction is a powerful tool and that God can and does use it to encourage, challenge, convict, and change His people.

Sutton is a Christian saved by grace, who loves Jesus and tries to live for Him. The beauty of God's creation captivates her, especially anything having to do with water. She enjoys a simple and quiet life in the United States.

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Books by Candle Sutton:

The Deadly Alliances Series:
1. Deadly Alliances
2. Deadly Devotion
3. Deadly Redemption
4. Deadly Deliverance

Sinister Secrets Series:
1. Nameless
2. Faceless
3. Relentless

The Fallen Series:
1. Silent is the Grave
2. Broken is the Grave
3. Empty is the Grave

The Shadows Series:
Prequel - Shadow of the Storm
1. Midnight Shadow
2. Avenger's Shadow
3. False Shadow (coming spring 2023!)

All books, except Deadly Alliances, are available exclusively through Amazon.