The White Waterfall

The White Waterfall
An Adventure Story


(1 Review)
The White Waterfall by James Francis Dwyer





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The White Waterfall
An Adventure Story


(1 Review)
In the wonderful islands of the Pacific many things happen that seem improbable to the minds of those who dwell close to the heart of civilization. The mysterious Isle of Tears is not altogether a dream. There are several islands in Polynesia that have been looked upon from time immemorial as islands of the dead. These places are shunned by the islanders, and the centuries have invested them with the same atmosphere of brooding mystery that Professor Herndon and his party felt when they landed upon the silent isle where the Wizards of the Centipede performed their weird rites without interference from the outside world.

Book Excerpt

n eyelash when I stared at him.

"What's up?" asked Holman. "Do you know Toni?"

"He's one of the brace that were singing that song about the white waterfall," I growled.

The Fijian let out a volley of indignant denials, and Holman laughed.

"You might be mistaken," he said. "Toni came ashore with me about two hours ago, but I don't think he left the boat."

"I'm not mistaken," I said, as the Fijian kept on protesting that he had never moved from the boat, "but it doesn't matter much. Let it go."

We were about a quarter of a mile from the shore when a man raced down from the town, ran along to the sea end of the wharf and waved his arms as if he was signalling us. Holman turned and looked at him.

"I wonder who it is?" he muttered. "Perhaps it is somebody with your board bill, Verslun."

I started to laugh, then I stopped suddenly. The man on the wharf was shouting to us, and when my ears caught a word I recognized him. It was the big Maori who had been instru

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(1912) Adventure (South Seas) / Pulp / Romance

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

A man overhears a South Seas mystery: Strange instructions in verse.
These instructions, will at length, lead to a dangerous adventure and at the same time, may save his life and others .
He gets involved with a professor and his two daughters on an archeological hunt in the islands.
Others have plans to circumvent the voyages intent, for purposes of their own.

What kind of danger could one find on a beautiful South Seas island? Well,
consider these highlights.

o The 'Isle of Tears'.

o The 'Ledge of Death'.

o The 'Valley of Echos'.

o The 'Tribe of the Centipede'.

o The 'Vermilion Pit'.

o The 'Black Kindergarten'.

o The 'White Waterfall'.

o A bunch of bad guys and their leader.

o The ancient monolith

o The 'Wizard of the Centipede'.

Oh, my goodness, all this peril. What will they do? Don't forget the verse. It tells the 'Way to Heaven'.