In the Days When the World Was Wide

In the Days When the World Was Wide


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In the Days When the World Was Wide by Henry Lawson





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In the Days When the World Was Wide


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Book Excerpt

[Mar. -- 1890]

The Ballad of the Drover

Across the stony ridges,
[Mar. -- 1889]

Taking His Chance

They stood by the door of the Inn on the Rise;
[June -- 1892]

When the `Army' Prays for Watty

When the kindly hours of darkness, save for light of moon and star, [May -- 1893]

The Wreck of the `Derry Castle'

Day of ending for beginnings!
[Dec. -- 1887]

Ben Duggan

Jack Denver died on Talbragar when Christmas Eve began,
[Dec. -- 1891]

The Star of Australasia

We boast no more of our bloodless flag, that rose from a nation's slime;

The Great Grey Plain

Out West, where the stars are brightest,
[Sept. -- 1893]

The Song of Old Joe Swallow

When I was up the country in the rough and early days,
[May -- 1890]

Corny Bill

His old clay pipe stuck in his mouth,
[May -- 1892]

Cherry-Tree Inn

The rafters are open to sun, moon, and star,

Up the Country

I am back from up t

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