A Conflict of Evidence

A Conflict of Evidence


(1 Review)
A Conflict of Evidence by Rodrigues Ottolengui







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A Conflict of Evidence


(1 Review)
Recommended to all readers to care to be puzzled and are not yet tired of the age-old spectacle of rival detectives and opposing theories, of innocence suspected, and skulking crime unmasked with the last chapter.

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"Why, Mr. Lewis," said the Squire, "the dog acts as though he knows you. Can it be possible that he remembers you? I know that your father brought him here when he first came, but that is years ago, and he was a mere puppy then."

"I remember him well enough now, but I doubt if his recollection spans the interval between now and the time when I gave him bread and milk in his puppy days. I receive that kind of attention from nearly all dogs. Some of the fiercest have favored me at sight. Once, at a bench show in London, I bet that I could pat the head of any dog there. I won the wager, though the animal selected was a ferocious-looking bull-dog, over whose kennel was conspicuously displayed the warning placard: 'Dangerous, do not handle!' They say that a dog knows a friend instinctively, and I am c

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A cliched whodunit murder mystery. There was the suspected (but ultimately proven innocent) girl, her also suspected (and also eventually cleared) lover. A few clues are thrown in that make finding the murderer fairly simple for anyone who has read enough crime/detective literature. I am giving it two stars because of its lack of originality and two-dimensional characters.
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