Best Russian Short Stories

Best Russian Short Stories
(6 Reviews)
Best Russian Short Stories by Unknown





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Best Russian Short Stories
(6 Reviews)
Conceive the joy of a lover of nature who, leaving the art galleries, wanders out among the trees and wild flowers and birds that the pictures of the galleries have sentimentalised. It is some such joy that the man who truly loves the noblest in letters feels when tasting for the first time the simple delights of Russian literature. (Compiled and Edited by Thomas Seltzer.)

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The Queen of Spades A.S. Pushkin
The Cloak N.V. Gogol
The District Doctor I.S. Turgenev
The Christmas Tree And The Wedding F.M. Dostoyevsky
God Sees The Truth, But Waits L.N. Tolstoy
How A Muzhik Fed Two Officials M.Y. Saltykov
The Shades, A Phantasy V.G. Korolenko
The Signal V.N. Garshin
The Darling A.P. Chekhov
The Bet A.P. Chekhov
Vanka A.P. Chekhov
Hide and Seek F.K. Sologub
Dethroned I.N. Potapenko
The Servant S.T. Semyonov
One Autumn Night M. Gorky
Her Lover M. Gorky
Lazarus L.N. Andreyev
The Revolutionist M.P. Artzybashev
The Outrage A.I. Kuprin

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I don't think that these stories are the best, but they are worth while reading. People who are interested in Russian literature you must read stories written by Bulgakov ('Heart of a Dog'), Gogol ('Dead Souls'), Leo Tolstoy ('War and Peace'). It's easy to find them in Russian. I daresay you can find them in English too (I've never tried). Enjoy reading!
The 19 stories in this book are among the best written in the 19th century.

There are stories by:
Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky,Tolstoy, Saltykov, Korolenko, Garshin, Chekhov, Sologub, Potapenko, Semyonov, Gorky, Andreyev, Artzybashev, Kuprin.
Amazing collection. If you're just dipping in to Russian literature beyond the usual suspects, this is a great place to start. The editor notes the interesting contrast between the first two stories: "The Queen of Spades," by Pushkin, which could have been written by a French or British author, and "The Cloak," by Gogol, which is simply Russian.