Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen


(4 Reviews)
Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart







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Sight Unseen


(4 Reviews)
The rather extraordinary story revealed by the experiments of the Neighborhood Club have been until now a matter only of private record. But it seems to me, as an active participant in the investigations, that they should be given to the public; not so much for what they will add to the existing data on psychical research, for from that angle they were not unusual, but as yet another exploration into that still uncharted territory, the human mind.

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s, and carrying a light bamboo rod.

"Don't ask me what they are for," he said to Herbert's grin of amusement. "Every workman has his tools."

Herbert examined the rod, but it was what it appeared to be, and nothing else.

Some one had started the phonograph in the library, and it was playing gloomily, "Shall we meet beyond the river?" At Sperry's request we stopped talking and composed ourselves, and Herbert, I remember, took a tablet of some sort, to our intense annoyance, and crunched it in his teeth. Then Miss Jeremy came in.

She was not at all what we had expected. Twenty-six, I should say, and in a black dinner dress. She seemed like a perfectly normal young woman, even attractive in a fragile, delicate way. Not much personality, perhaps; the very word "medium" precludes that. A "sensitive," I think she called herself. We were presented to her, and but for the stripped and bare room, it might have been any evening after any dinner, with bridge waiting.

When she shook hand

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A group of neighbors holds a seance and, discover another neighbor, Arthur Wells, died just at that moment, supposedly by suicide. Was Wells in fact murdered? Rinehart usually is much better than this dull, slow-moving supernatural mystery.
Wonderful! I have never read anyone who writes about how narrow-minded, uptight people meet the occult better than Rinehart. Part of it is that she has the hidebound characters down pat. Seeing how they react when forced to look outside of their carefully constructed mental "boxes" is great fun. Very good comic touches. She is a must read. I want more.
Pretty good story, enjoyed reading it as the neighborhood club tries to solve a killing after having a seance at one of their houses. Did the medium really have the spirit world help with clues?? Or was she involved?? If you put yourself in the place of the main character you too can feel totally puzzled and scared at times. Enjoyed the work, ending was a little lame given the nice buildup before it.
Great story. Dark, eery atmosphere is superbly created with a touch of humor and grotesqueness. This might be a minor story among the works of Rinehart, but I find it very satisfying as a mystery novel.