Teen & Young Adult

Bearing the Blades

Tyger Price

Bearing the Blades is a YA fantasy novel about legendary swords that fall to the keeping of a uniquely gifted young woman and an unwilling warrior, where they must wield the Blades to save their world before they either kill each other or fall hopelessly in love. Dragons, unicorns, magic and mystery - it's an epic adventure you'll not want to miss.


The Blizzard's Secrets


After discovering a dark past within her community and peculiar behaviors from the Ruler, Daia, the next Commander of the Forces, becomes worried for her people.
Taking matters into her own hands, Daia seeks out answers for herself and uncovers the greatest secret yet. As she endures insurmountable obstacles and unexpected challenges, Daia pursues truth and justice for the safety of her people.


The Last Hope of Lockdown

Paul Orton

They came for his family. Now, they’re after him.
Zac is on the run and there’s nowhere to hide. The streets aren’t safe and he can’t evade the Quarantine Agency forever. Still, he made a promise he intends to keep.
Just how hard can it be to get across town during lockdown?
And what will happen if he succeeds?
One thing’s for sure: Zac wants answers.
But, more than that, he wants to live.


Rise of Legends

Kris Ruhler

An ancient threat is rising. The fate of the Legends is sealed. For Michael Jacobs, high school is hard enough. He just wants to be invisible. But everything changes when a near-death experience triggers a strange, new power. That's not all. An ancient, vengeful monster, buried in the distant stars of a faraway galaxy is awakening, its quest for power ruthless.


Slivers of Memory

Kris Ruhler

He dreams of blood and fire. And he may just be the cause.
Worker by day, volunteer at night. This is fifteen-year-old Arctic’s life. Except he’s far from ordinary, and the print shop he works at is just a cover, a safe base for Metas—people with supernatural abilities.
But when Metas start disappearing one by one, his trail of clues leads him into a web of danger.


Scorched Threads

Kris Ruhler

To find her friend, she has to survive the brutal desert, run from bounty hunters, and fight deadly creatures. But her worst fear will bring her to her knees.
Essie lives comfortably as a companion to Simin, a wealthy merchant’s daughter selected as the prince’s new bride. But when her friend disappears on her wedding day, Essie’s world is turned upside down.